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Current Site Status

At Allen Gray, our staff and visitors must continue to follow all public health guidelines while we are on this pandemic, which includes continuous masking, physical distancing, hand hygiene, donning/doffing etc with suspected cases of Covid-19 symptoms.

If you are exposed and if you have any symptoms, please do not visit the site.

As we are moving to Step 3 -Continuing Care guidelines, please see the updates below and you must adhere to those guidelines upon your visit

(effective July 4,2022):

  • Entry Screening: We will have a huge sign reminding people to put on a clean new mask. Please complete the screening upon entering the door and if you answer "No" to those questions then go on to sign the In & Out sign in sheet and proceed to the units to visit your loved ones. If you answer "yes" to any of those questions, then please leave the site immediately. ( if in any doubt, speak to the receptionist).

  • We will be opening the back door for easy access. Please make sure to complete the screening questions, hand hygiene and wear a mask upon your entry.

  • Visitors to use a Level 3 surgical mask at the main entrance; must be continually masked for the duration of their visit

  • We recommend that only 4 people will be allowed in the Private rooms and 2 people in Semi private rooms. Otherwise you can take the resident to the Chapel or indoor courtyard, if more than 4 people.

  • If someone develops respiratory symptoms while visiting, they should distance themselves, wear a mask, wash their hands, and leave the facility as promptly as possible.

  • Wear mask ALL times in the facility, with the exception of when eating/drinking during meals. Please ensure you are physically distanced from others. If you decided to eat while visiting your loved ones, please go to a private space (resident room, main dining area on the main floor, chapel or indoor courtyard).

  • Follow rigorous hand hygiene

  • Please disinfect the table after your visit.

  • Visit within the resident/individuals room only or a private area close to the room where there are no other residents/individuals/families.

  • Children age three and up should wear a mask upon entering the site.




This is a Guide Book for AGCCC Resident's Designated  and Support Persons regarding important details they must be aware of  must be aware of prior to their visit inside our facility.

frm-21765-Covid-19 Vaccine consent form_

COVID-19 Outbreak Updates for Residents/Clients and Families:


How We Keep Everyone Safe in Our  Facility

High Level Facility Cleaning

High Level Facility Cleaning

The Allen Gray has dedicated and hardworking housekeeping department and staff working round to clock to ensure and maintain High Level facility cleaning.

Social and Physical Distancing

Social and Physical Distancing

The Facility has implemented Social and Physical distancing protocols and installed strategic demarkation lines all throughout the facility.

Social and Physical Distancing

Social and Physical Distancing

Our AGCCC Staff are very responsible in making sure that we practice Social and Physical Distancing

Outdoor Visitation

Outdoor Visitation

To promote quality living for our residents even during a pandemic we are balancing their need for social interaction to mitigate social isolation and loneliness but still maintain a high level of safety for their health so we have implemented Limted and Pre- arranged Outdoor Visits.

Patio Visits

Patio Visits

We have strategically placed our Visitation Area in the Outdoor Patio to promote a Safe Environment as at the same time giving our residents a bit of sunshine happiness!!!

Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene is implemented all throughout the facility especially in High Touch Areas.

Covid-19 Guidelines and Resources

Prevent the Spread
Outdoor Visit Guidelines
Cover your Cough
Proper Alcohol Hand Rub Technique
Proper Handwashing Technique
frm-21765-Covid-19 Vaccine consent form_