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Important Announcements



Updated: SEPTEMBER 25,2020



We are NOT on a Confirmed COVID -19 Outbreak

 We have a staff member tested positive for Covid -19.



“We are completing swabbing in risk areas of the facility. We are in the middle of swabbing and it is best to restrict all visitors during this period. We would ask that you please refrain from visiting residents for few days as we need lots of things to be organized at this time”.




At this time, no other residents are showing symptoms. We will be monitoring them very closely. Please call us back in a week time for more updates.


Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.


Changes to Resident Visiting Guidelines


Published: August 25,2020

From: Allen Gray Care Centre
5005-28 Avenue, 
Edmonton, AB
T6L 7G1

To: Resident and families of Allen Gray Care Centre

Subject: Visiting Guidelines

o    We are having some concerns and challenges with the overall visitation at Allen Gray. Many DSPs and visitors are compliant with site policies and procedures and continue to interact with centre staff in a respectful manner which is very much appreciated. However, we have several DSPs/visitors who are non- compliant to these policies and they add a lot of unnecessary stress to the worksites. We already are under incredible pressure with amazingly dedicated staff working hard to find the right balance between preventing disease transmission while enabling safe visitation. We need and are requesting more support in preventing and/or managing these inappropriate behaviours from occurring and help us make staff and residents feel safe and comfortable in the workplace; 

 As per the order, we re-evaluated the site risk assessment and surveys. According to it, we have to tighten the visitation schedule. Please see the concerns and challenges below. 

 Overall concerns

o    Daily cases in Alberta and the Edmonton area are still significant and we cannot know which visitors have been exposed to in the community;
o    Although we are screening vigilantly, incubation of Covid-19 averages 5 to 7 days prior to symptom onset.  When someone has symptoms, they have already been spreading the disease unknowingly;
o    We have very serious concerns with the limited accountability for family members or visitors in the order as there are no repercussions for their actions or behaviours and this makes it very difficult for the operator to enforce the orders when they are not adhering to them;
o    We feel that a very unsafe situation has been created with moving too fast in allowing so many people to be inside the “site bubble” all at once and this puts the safety of everyone at unnecessary risk;
o    We have an obvious concern with the frequency of visitations allowed at the site. 
o    Families, DSPs and visitors generally are not understanding what their lack of proper actions may create or the consequences they might cause;


o    Having DSPs not going straight to the resident's rooms and stopping to talk to staff or other residents;
o    Having DSPs/visitors to remain in the resident’s room or designated area, and bringing drinks for themselves. 
o    DSPs/visitors not adhering to continuous masking, removing the mask, etc;
o    DSPs/visitors not willing or forget to physically distance appropriately:
o    DSPs/visitors going to other areas and touching clean supplies. 

Action Plan

Changes in visitation will be effective as of Thursday, August 27th,2020. 

o    Going forward all visits including DSPs must be pre-scheduled. 
o    Only DSPs (Primary and Secondary designated support persons) are allowed to visit twice/week. In order to accommodate all families, we will book the visit for one hour to a maximum of two hours. 
o    All visits must be booked in advance, leaving a message doesn’t mean that you get a spot. You must speak to the individual who is booking those visits. If your name is not on the list, then you will not be permitted to visit. 
o    DSPs can not be constantly changed. If you want the alternate family or visitor then you will have to provide permission and booked in those 2 slots only. It can not be more than two visits/week. 
o    You can book a standing schedule for the month to avoid too many calls and burden on the individual who is booking the visits. 
o    All family/visitors must wear masks and follow proper policies/guidelines. If you are not following those guidelines, we will speak to you and if it happens again we will ask you to leave and book outdoor visits only. 
o    We will have a Security on-site to monitor those visits. 

If you have any questions, you can certainly call the Site. 

Yours truly,

Charlotte McFadden, CEO
Manju George, Director of Care


Safe Visitation Practices at Allen Gray Care Centre

Amended: July 29,2020

  • Visitation hours: 8:00 am-8:00 pm, unless extension of hours approved by Director of Care.

  • Cooperate and participate in a Health Assessment Screening upon entry, including a temperature check, every time entering the building.

  • Continuous mask wearing in effect entire time in the building. (Designated family/Support Person is allowed to wear their own masks unless resident is symptomatic, then they need to wear surgical masks from the facility).

  • Staff will assist with hand hygiene at entry to building and all visitors should perform hand hygiene when coming and going from the neighborhood and resident room.

  • Maximum 2 people visiting a resident at a time for a Private Room Resident. Resdents with Semiprivate rooms- only one of the resident’s family member is allowed at a time. If both resident’s family arrive same time to visit, then one resident’s family member can visit at a time in semi private room and other family member should take the resident to a common shared area for their visit. ( they can use Day room by the elevator or T.V area by the dining room).

  •  If a larger group wants to visit, must be pre-booked with Managers.  Larger group visits will be outside, when weather permits.

  • Visitors must go straight to and from resident room, without stopping to visit with other residents. If wanting to visit in other houses or other shared space, only 1 visitor is permitted. Resident room must be sanitized after visits.

  • Visitors are to use the public washroom only, not resident washroom. Visitors are not allowed to eat during their visits.

  • Please do not visit more than one continuing care facility in a day.

  • Gifts and items are allowed in. Items may be asked to be wiped down upon entry to the facility.

  • If a visitor is found to not be following the rules, a staff member will remind the visitor of the rules. If the visitor not following the rules, the visitor will be permitted outdoor visits only.

  • LTC Residents should be eating their meals in the dining room or resident’s room and not allowed to come down to the main floor dining area, except Lodge residents.

  • No visitors are allowed in the main dining area/Cafeteria. Visitors must keep their masks at all times.

  • Children are only allowed to visit outdoor unless in an excruciating circumstances.

  • 1 pet at a time is permitted to visit, if vaccinations are up to date and copy of vaccination record has been provided to Ellen, RT. Pet must remain on leash for entire visit.

  • Visitation rules change during End of Life situations. If your loved one is considered within the last 6 weeks of life you will be notified by the RN. 3 visitors will be allowed at the bedside, or more if they are from the same household.



Published: July 7,2020


  • This document is to guide staff, residents and visitors on how the Public Health Officer is permitting outside visitation during the COVID 19 pandemic.  There are no exceptions to the order and this process is to be followed 100% of the time. 

  •  All visitors are required to contact their Unit Manager to schedule an appointment by calling 780-469-9606 on Monday to Friday from 8 am-4 pm For 2nd floor ext. 216, 3rd floor ext. 214 .


  • When the appointment is being scheduled, visitors will be advised of the process and what is required of them regarding PPE, social distancing and what they can and cannot bring with them.  Visitors will be advised that they will not be allowed access into any other part of the facility other than the Patio area ( i.e: Cafeteria, Units etc.).

  • All visiting appointments will be either booked in 30 minute blocks starting at 10:00 am and the last appointment scheduled at 5:30 pm.  Appointments will be booked for 7 days/week.

  • Each appointment scheduled is to be with the essential designated visitor and 1 other (maximum 3 people including the resident). Only one (1) visit per resident per day to facilitate all residents/ families.

  • There is a maximum of 4 visiting groups at one time and they will all occur in the Patio area. Maximum visit time would be 30 minutes.   

  • Protective services will meet the visitors and ensure a health screening is completed for the visitors.  Visitors are required to complete hand hygiene and put on a procedure mask, if they don’t have one ( Visitors are encouraged to bring their own, cloth mask is fine for this purpose). 

  • All visits must be under the supervision of Staff to ensure all measures are being followed. Recreation Staff and Comfort Care Aides can assist. Please coordinate visits with those staff.

  • Staff will bring the resident out for the scheduled visitation time and will bring them back into the Units when the visitation is completed.

  • Appointments will be booked with 15 minute breaks in between so that Staff who monitor the Patio area can sanitize the visitor stations/chairs.

  • Visitors are not to bring any chairs, tables, etc into the visiting area.

  • Resident drop offs for necessary items will occur during visitation times only.

  • Rescheduling of visit may happen due to weather conditions.

  • Thank you for cooperating with this AB Health Order!​

Charlotte McFadden, CEO

Manju George, DOC

Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre

How We Keep Everyone Safe in Our  Facility

Visitor Lockdown

Visitor Lockdown

All Visitations are Limited and Pre-Arranged

Pre-Screening Station

Pre-Screening Station

All Incoming Individuals like Staff and Visitors are required to undergo a Two Step Pre-Screening Process before facility access.

Screening Team

Screening Team

There are trained Screening Staff Stationed at the Main Floor Daily to monitor and ensure proper COVID-19 Safety and Infection Prevention Protocols are in place

Contactless Delivery

Contactless Delivery

A Drop off and Pickup Station is installed to limit contact during delivery and drop-off of items from outside the facility

High Level Facility Cleaning

High Level Facility Cleaning

The Allen Gray has dedicated and hardworking housekeeping department and staff working round to clock to ensure and maintain High Level facility cleaning.

Social and Physical Distancing

Social and Physical Distancing

The Facility has implemented Social and Physical distancing protocols and installed strategic demarkation lines all throughout the facility.

Social and Physical Distancing

Social and Physical Distancing

Our AGCCC Staff are very responsible in making sure that we practice Social and Physical Distancing

Outdoor Visitation

Outdoor Visitation

To promote quality living for our residents even during a pandemic we are balancing their need for social interaction to mitigate social isolation and loneliness but still maintain a high level of safety for their health so we have implemented Limted and Pre- arranged Outdoor Visits.

Patio Visits

Patio Visits

We have strategically placed our Visitation Area in the Outdoor Patio to promote a Safe Environment as at the same time giving our residents a bit of sunshine happiness!!!

Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene is implemented all throughout the facility especially in High Touch Areas.

Covid-19 Guidelines and Resources

Prevent the Spread

Outdoor Visit Guidelines


Cover your Cough

Proper Alcohol Hand Rub Technique

Proper Handwashing Technique