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Welcome to The Lakeview Dining Room: Enjoy an Unforgettable Dining Experience

At the Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre, we offer competitive room rental rates for the Lakeview Dining Room, providing a picturesque setting for various events and gatherings. Whether it's a family celebration, corporate meeting, or community event, our spacious and elegantly appointed Lakeview Dining Room caters to your needs. Our flexible rental options accommodate both small and large groups, ensuring a tailored experience for every occasion. With panoramic views of the tranquil lake and lush surroundings, the Lakeview Dining Room sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Contact us today to inquire about our affordable rates and make your reservation at the Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre's Lakeview Dining Room.



Note:    The resident includes members of the resident's family who book the room for the resident's family use.
Payment/Room Booking, Set Up and Catering Services
Payment to be made to the Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre — cheque or cash only
Payment is due in full before using the space.
Please leave the payment with the receptionist.
Catering / Food Charges are separate from Room Charges.

For Room Booking, Set-up and Catering
Please phone the Food Services Manager by leaving a message at 780-469-9606 ext. 244, or e-mail

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