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About the Allen Gray

The Allen Gray Auxiliary Hospital is a 156 bed, voluntary, continuing care Centre operating within Alberta Health Services.We provide programs and services to people of all faiths, cultures, ages, abilities, and interests.


2013 marked the 50th anniversary of our service here in Edmonton, Alberta.


Allen Gray is 10595 square metres, occupying three levels. Our spacious environment contributes substantially to the overall beauty of the building. Located in south east Edmonton, we have easy access to shopping, services, and recreational facilities.

Our History 

The Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre is a non-denominational home named after the Right Reverend Henry Allen Gray, the first Anglican Bishop of Edmonton.

Sparked by a suggestion from Mrs. P. Debney, a group of friends started a fund to build a convalescent home for women.  In 1952, the Gray House Guild, a voluntary, non-profit society, was officially organized.  Through negotiations with the Alberta Government, the direction was changed and an auxiliary hospital was planned and constructed.


The Board of Management was appointed, a Medical Staff established and the official opening was held in January 1963.


The operation of the facility is funded by provincial payments through a Cooperation and Services Agreement with Alberta Health Services.


The Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre is owned and operated by the Gray House Guild.

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