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Joining The Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre  means working for a company that is committed to helping our clients live life to the fullest. 

Built on a 50-year history, Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre  is one of Edmonton's leading provider of accommodation, care and services for seniors.


The Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre provides a diverse range of employment opportunities that enable you to make a difference. 


If You would like to work for The Allen Gray please click on the Department Links which will take you to all current roles that we have available.


Single Site Order – mandates that all staff who work in a LTC or DSL facility will be required to work at only one LTC or DSL facility for the duration of the pandemic. As of October 16, 2020, all LTC/DSL facilities in Alberta have implemented the CMOH Single Site Order . If you are currently working as  a Healthcare worker from a different LTC or DSL Site  we wont be able to process your application as of the moment.








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