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Long Term Care Updates

Letters to Residents/Clients and Families:


AHS News

Invitation to attend an information session about the new Continuing Care Legislative Framework

Alberta Health Services is conducting an information session on the new Continuing Care Legislative Framework.

The session will take place online, from 6 pm to 7:15 pm on April 3rd, 2024

Click Here to Register

This session is tailored for residents of continuing care homes, supportive living accommodations, clients of home and community care providers, families,

caregivers, and the general public.


With the new Continuing Care Act and its associated legislative framework set to take effect on April 1, 2024,understanding these changes is crucial.


Hosted in collaboration with Alberta Health and Ernst & Young (EY), the session will cover key aspects such as the new Act, updated regulations, revised terminology, requirements, and other pertinent topics.


Your participation will not only provide you with valuable knowledge but also ensure that you are well-informed about the changes affecting continuing care services. We encourage you to join this informative session.

For more information please click this link to view the official invitation document. 

Current Site Status

If you are exposed and if you have any symptoms, please do not visit the site.

We implemented the following guidelines:

  1. High touch cleaning, 2 times a day and low touch cleaning once daily.

  2. Rigorous hand hygiene.

  3. Staff are not to enter facility if they have symptoms, if symptoms developed during their shift to notify manager and leave immediately.

  4. Visitors who choose to visit should be advised of potential risk of exposure to practice good hand hygiene 

  5. Maintain isolation of symptomatic residents. Discourage visitations especially for symptomatic and COVID + residents. If visitors decided to visit symptomatic/COVID + resident, ensure they are donning and doffing PPE appropriately.

We are on a Confirmed COVID-19 Outbreak in FIR- Third floor as of May 07, 2024 

CDC has recently declared an outbreak of COVID-19 in FIR The first case was reported on April 28th, and as of May 7th, two residents had tested positive for the virus. As of today, three residents (two in FIR and one in PINE) and four staff members have tested positive for COVID- 19. 

We continue to follow all PH, CDC and AHS guidelines. The lift date will be two weeks from the last onset of symptoms; the tentative lift date will be May 24, 2024. 

Asymptomatic residents can leave the facility, but if they become symptomatic while away from the site, please inform the unit and ensure they wear masks upon their return. 

Symptomatic residents can attend emergency medical appointments as long as the receiving site is aware of the outbreak and ensures they wear masks. 

We encourage you to take the COVID-XBB 1.5 booster vaccine to protect yourself and the vulnerable residents. 


Covid-19 Guidelines and Resources

Prevent the Spread
Cover your Cough
Proper Alcohol Hand Rub Technique
Proper Handwashing Technique
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